Losing 70lbs in One Year doing Crossfit

This is a small story about Chad Westwood.
"I want to tell you about my journey. I am a former SUU football athlete and my playing weight was 285lbs. In December of 2015 I weighed 285lbs. but not very much muscle. I knew I needed to do something, so my wife got me a gym membership at Cedar City Crossfit for Christmas. I was committed, I started at the gym and it was hard getting back into it. I was sore, felt like the workouts were too tough, but I loved it because I wanted to see results and knew this would be the best for me.
As I kept going to the gym I knew the workout would be worthless if I ate like crap so I needed to start eating better. I cut cold turkey Dr. Pepper, and made sure my portion sizes for meals were kept in check. I then started to spread out my meals so I would eat a good high fiber breakfast, a snack at 10am, light lunch, snack again at 3pm and good portion size dinner then I was done eating for the day. I started to crave more and more healthier foods because they made me feel full longer and I could notice a difference with how I felt. It was a process, I didn’t start to crave healthier foods at first but later I did, I didn’t see drastic results but good healthy results that built over weeks and months.
It has been a year now and I have lost 70 pounds and feel great. I have more energy to play with my kids, and now I signed my wife up for Crossfit and she is doing awesome. I did this post not to boast, or show off, I simply did this to encourage, inspire and motivate those on the fence. The trainers at Crossfit helped me with form and technique and I couldn’t achieve my goals without them. I wish to express thanks to my wife, my family, Crossfit trainers, and Jesus Christ because I committed to take care of my body and have felt His help. If you’re hesitant about working out at a Crossfit gym, jump in with both feet and don’t look back. You will find a group of people cheering you on and supporting you."