Master Yourself

I haven’t been able to get two quotes I heard this week out of my head. One was from a podcast that I listened to and the other from one of the million Instagram quote pages out there. The first posed the question, “what pisses you off the most??...whatever it is go fix it and make that your job.” I thought about what really ticks me off. The one thing I kept coming back to is watching people put themselves down for not reaching some bar they have set for themselves, or worse not reaching the same level as someone else. I watch this within our gym as amazing people who work their butts off get down on themselves because they can’t go as heavy or as fast as others. I do this all the time when comparing myself to business mentors that have done a lot more to influence the world by the time they were my age. Pushing yourself and setting a high bar should be done and needs to be done to improve, but beating yourself up for not reaching it today is counter productive.

The second quote said, “The greatest sense of accomplishment comes from mastery”. I have seen this mastering things like a gymnastics movement in the gym or a business scheme that works out. We have all felt accomplished as we reach big goals and milestones but it takes some special concentration to win every single day. Imagine how great the sense of accomplishment would be if we could master ourselves and the thoughts that we create and live by on a daily basis. How fast could we reach our potential and goals if we mastered the ability to face our negative selves and flip it to see the positive in our situations. We all experience hard times and negativity but they are merely experiences that we can learn from and move on to create the master vision we want for our lives. Our experiences do not define who we are but how we react to them does. The next time you feel failure and negativity creeping in remember you woke up, got dressed, (for our members, made it to the gym), and keep your head up!