Are you Living your Dream?

Living the dream. This phrase started to make a real impact on me when I was about 19. My good friend and I started responding to the question, “How are you?” or, “What’s up?” with “Living the dream!”

At first it was just a cool catch phrase. It sounded better than the generic, “I’m good,” answer we usually gave people. I started to say it more and more. Before long I was thinking about what those words really meant to me. I realized that saying, “Living the dream!” on a daily basis empowered me to actually create that dream and live the life I envisioned.

Currently, my dream consists of having my little boy yell, “Daddy!” when I walk in the door, loving my wife, and being a part of the CFCC community. I strive to be a positive influence in peoples’ lives. We all want to live the dream in our own way. The best part is that we all can! Personal dreams and goals make us who we are. They may even change as we grow up, enter new phases of life, or face new obstacles.

The vision of my dream has changed over the past ten years, but there are a few constants that stay concreted in my dream life. One of these constants is striving to be better than I was yesterday. When I think about empowerment, I think about taking control of my life, my choices, and my personal path to success. Knowing that I have power over what happens to me and over the outcomes that I see in business, in relationships and in other aspects of my life has enabled me to overcome the curve balls and hard times. Take the time to reflect on moments that empower you. You may be surprised how much you have accomplished and how far you have come.

Six months ago Raleigh and I decided to leave my job and move to Cedar City. We didn’t have much of a plan. Since that move, we have had our second child and bought a gym. We could not be happier! Being a part of CrossFit Cedar City has been a huge part of empowering my life and improving on who I am daily. I don’t hit PR’s every day. Sometimes lifting the bar feels like 200 pounds. But, winning comes from striving to be a little bit better than I was yesterday. Sometimes we have to take the plunge and believe in ourselves a little bit more in order to get those truly empowering moments.

For me, living the dream at CFCC means fostering a community that empowers you to be better, believe in yourself, and live your dream!