Change Your Habits and Create a Healthier Lifestyle in 8 weeks

Summer starts in 8 weeks! We have set up a challenge to give you the opportunity to focus on the 7 Habits of a healthy lifestyle. We want to help you get started on becoming the strongest version of yourself and give you the roadmap to get in the best shape of your life. This challenge is open to everyone in Cedar City, not just members of the gym

The purpose of this challenge is to create new healthy habits in every area of your life. THIS IS NOT A GET FIT QUICK SCHEME that can’t be sustained in the long term. But, think of it more as a kickstarter to change old habits and create new ones for a healthier lifestyle that supports your day to day activities. Also, doing this challenge in a group wil help keep us all accountable. Most people will never change old habits because they're not accountable to anyone or anything.

How does it work?

Start date: April 24th- Jun 19th

Opening meeting: April 19th @ 6:30 PM @ CFCC

Awards Party: June 21st @ 6:30PM @ CFCC

Price: $80 per CFCC Member / $100 for non-member

Includes: Pre/post bod pod test located at SUU, pre/post fitness test, pre/post pictures, yoga program with Rebekah/Raleigh (schedule TBD) , non-compliant/compliant  food list, FB group to share recipes, a portion of each entry goes to ‘the pot’ for the winner, and an awesome supportive community to reach your goals!

During the course of 8 weeks, we will focus on the 7 Habits of a healthy life!

The Habits: Nutrition, Exercise,Sleep, Hydration, Mobilisation, Lifestyle & Reflection.


1.The person that is able to comply with the rules the best (aka the person with the most reps) takes the pot of $$$!

2. The person that lost the most body fat % will win 1 free month at CFCC

3. The person that improved the most on their fitness test will win 1 free item of in stock CFCC gear.

Complying to all of these rules and giving yourselves reps for completing the habits is the ticket to win the grand prize. Obviously, we are all human and will fall short often, if not every day. That’s ok!  The point is to try a little harder to be a little better.

There will be opportunities for extra credit along the way so don’t feel bad if you aren’t doing as well as you had hoped! Remember, how well you do in this challenge doesn’t determine your value as a person  It only tells you where you are at in your habits and what you need to work on. You all are amazing and I can’t wait to see you all in our challenge.


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