Raleigh Taylor

I am a mother of two and co-owner of Crossfit Cedar City. I am a former collegiate athlete and received my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from BYU Provo. 

I started Crossfit a few months after having my first baby and immediately fell in love with the competition, the community, and the way it helped me gain confidence in myself after having a baby. I had my second child 9 months ago and feel stronger than ever! I credit that to setting attainable goals, having accountability, and being consistent.

I believe that goals + consistency+ accountability = SUCCESS

Let's do it! 

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"I loved the nutrition guidelines because I've always thought of healthy eating as restricting yourself from eating all of these good foods. The best part of the program was the variety in the programming." - Bri


"I learned that the simplest workouts are the hardest. I learned that its not about how heavy you can lift, but about how many reps you can do as quickly as you can without jeopardizing your form. The best part of the program was realizing how far I can actually push myself." -Brekelle